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Mercedes-Benz remanufactured turbochargers

One of the products in our extensive reconditioned parts portfolio is the Mercedes-Benz reconditioned turbocharger. We can offer you our fully overhauled and quality-certified turbochargers at a low price – and can guarantee the high quality of the product at the same time.
The reconditioning process for a used Mercedes-Benz turbocharger is stringently checked and involves a number of stages. From full component disassembly and cleaning to visual, measurement and electrical checks, everything is carefully inspected. If a part does not meet specifications, it is refurbished, repaired or replaced with a new parts. Final testing of the turbocharger is carried out to the same exacting standards that are applied to new parts.

With a Mercedes-Benz reconditioned turbocharger you benefit from a highly advanced engine component that is subjected to extreme temperatures, mechanical stress and high pressure. Contrary to diesel engines without turbochargers, modern engines with Mercedes-Benz turbocharger fully utilise the exhaust energy and consequently use less fuel. You can't drive more economical than this!

We will be happy to provide you with more information about turbochargers in our reconditioned parts portfolio and give you a personal quote